Flat Feet


Flat feet is a condition in which the foot doesn't have a normal arch. It may affect one foot or both feet. Most people have a gap between in the inner side of the foot and the ground when they are standing. This is referred to as an "arch". Feet that have a low arch or no arch at all are referred to as flat feet or fallen arches.


  • On standing the person will have a flat arch.
  • The foot may roll over to the inner aspect.

Flat Foot


  • The symptoms vary depending on the severity of the condition.
  • The patient may experience corns or hard skin under the sole of the foot.
  • Shoes may wear out quickly.
  • Pain or tenderness along the arch.
  • With severally fallen arches problems such as calf pain, knee pain and hip pain may be present.


  • It may be hereditary, i.e runs in the family.
  • In most cases it is caused through a biomechanical complaint (abnormal walking) such as Fore Foot Varus. Fore Foot Varus is a condition in which the subtaler joint in the foot over-pronates (rolls in too much).
  • A ruptured tendon (tibilias posterior) can lead to a flat foot.
  • Cerebral palsy, spins bifida and muscular dystrophy can also lead to a flat foot condition.


  • Visit your Chiropodist/ Podiatrist if you have any queries on the diagnosis of your condition.
  • Where wide fitting shoes.
  • Purchase good quality insoles.
  • Do not try to treat the secondary lesion (i.e Corns) yourself.

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