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The term athlete's foot is a highly misleading word, as this condition does not only occur in athletes. Athlete's foot is a common name given to a fungus infection of the skin that occurs in between toes.This condition can cause a great deal of discomfort and can affect an individual's quality of life.


  • The skin involved may be red, swollen and may contain sticky fluid.
  • The skin may also appear macerated (soggy).

Athletes Footathletes foot

The above photographs show the effects of an athletes foot condition in between toes and on the bottom surface of the foot.


  • The affected area may be peeling and have small blisters.
  • It may also appear red, dry and itchy.
  • If left untreated, there may be deep cracks in the skin which can lead to a secondary bacterial infection.
  • It may contain sticky clear fluid.
  • The patient may experience severe pain from the condition. Patients often report a burning or stinging sensation and find the lesion very itchy.


  • Many people have the fungus present on their skin but are unaffected by the microscopic organism. Conditions such as bruising or cracks in the skin allow entry for the fungus.
  • Fungi thrive on moist, warm environments this is why the condition usually occurs in between toes due to an accumulation of moisture.
  • It may also spread between individuals. A common port of entry is found within bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and changing rooms.
  • Not changing your socks on a regular basis can also encourage the build up of fungi in between the toes.
  • People with excessively sweaty feet are more prone to this condition.

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